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Your Most Amazing Day Yet

The Proven Path to a Positive Lifestyle

Our days often seesaw between the good times and the bad, both emotionally and physically. So why do some days feel better than others, and do we have any control over this?

Mango farmer and psychology enthusiast Charlie Bell, BSc, has investigated the root causes of life’s daily ups and downs. Drawing from the latest psychological studies, he has condensed the best positive practices into an easy-to-follow guide.

In this book you will learn how to:

    •  Take small daily steps that guarantee big life changes
    •  Build beneficial and reliable habits
    •  Gain clarity of thought and razor-sharp focus
    •  Maximise your physical energy and wellbeing
    •  Actively start chasing your heart’s desire
    • And regain control of your life’s direction.

This proven path to a brighter future starts with only a few minutes of your time, and best of all you can start immediately. This book is all you need to rise up and stay on top of your game.

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Your Most Amazing Day Yet

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Your Most Amazing Day Yet

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Your Most Amazing Day Yet

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I loved the book. I thought it was well organized, easy to read, and practical. Backed by enough research, but not too much as to distract you, the book is a comprehensive guide for having many more good days than bad. A good read for young people and older alike.
Exceptional writing is thoughtful and compelling. Conversational discussion pulls you through to the next page. I am truly impressed with this book. This is a professional and dynamic writing of value to every reader. The book may lead you to Your Most Amazing Day!